Public Corporation for

Housing Improvement and

Akito Hieda

President’s Message

Since it’s establishment in 1955, Public Corporation for Housing Improvement and Development has been working on housing and dwelling environment improvement according to the economic and social conditions.

The theme of housing has changed from “quantity” to “quality”, and the content of “quality” has changed from the number of rooms / size to efficiency and environment, but recently “use” has been focused on.

Originally, housing was just “used” for some purpose. And considering that, it may be natural that it is important to “use” housing as a space to utilize in their own way of living and working etc.

There is a great possibility that the tendency to choose a house from this point of view will accelerate further.

While accurately grasping the trends, we will utilize the specialized knowledge on rental housing management that we have accumulated so far, to develop our business and contribute to the stability and improvement of life.

President: Akito Hieda
稗田 昭人

About us

1. Establishment

Public Corporation for Housing Improvement and Development (hereinafter referred to as the ❛HID❜) was established as a non-profit organisation in 1955, when Japan was standing at the threshold of high economic growth after its post-war recovery. With national life suffering from serious housing shortages, HID undertook the mission to stabilise the state of living in residences and to improve the country’s housing standards. Their service, centred on the Tokyo Metropolitan area at the time of founding, now covers entire Japan.

2. Service

HID, deploying its service corresponding to ever-changing social economic situations and housing conditions, contributes to providing quality housing.

  1. Founded in 1955 with an aim to educate, inform and consult on improving hosing standards through renovation, extension and reconstruction, HID endeavoured to secure financial arrangements, which later developed into the following item (d).”
  2. Started accepting contracts to design and manage multi-dwelling units in 1956, which later developed into the following item (d).
  3. Expanded its service to cater to entire Japan in 1965 and subsequently started offices in major cities.
  4. Started general consulting service towards homebuilders in 1965, which later developed into the following item (f).
    Prepared plans, arranged for borrowing of funds, acted to follow procedures and accepted contracts for design and management.
  5. Engaged in the service to build housing for sale and provides 2,000 units in 35 housing estates between 1970 and 1990.
  6. Engaged in joint enterprises to build rental housing between 1980 and 2006 and provided 235,000 units.
    HID built rental housing jointly with landowners. The landowners owned and managed rental housing while HID collateralised the payments of loans, which were accommodated to the landowners by Japan Housing Finance Agency, with the aim to develop the rental housing sector.
  7. Started to guarantee financing.
    HID started to guarantee the payments of loans accommodated to landowners in obtaining finances to build rental housing.
    • Started to guarantee loan payments in obtaining finances from Japan Housing Finance Agency in 1988 and has provided 1,010,261 units so far.
    • Started to guarantee loan payments in obtaining finances from private financial institutions in 1995 and has provided 36,894 units so far.
  8. Started to engage itself in research and study in 1980.
    HID has been engaged in research and study about the market of rental housing and how to manage the rental housing sector.
  9. Started to manage real estate business in 2016.
    HID started to acquire, develop and manage quality rental housing on its own.

3. Performance

Receivables management related to the service to guarantee loan payments

million yen (cases)
Related to Item (f) 35,090 (604)
Related to Item (g1) 1,091,649 (12,881)
Related to Item (g2) 151,164 (2,352)

(As of March 2023)

Recent major research and studies

  • Symposium on British Style Sustainable Town and Housing development
  • Research and study the current status and appropriateness of long-term repair plans for rental housing
  • Tomorrow’s Rental Housing Library 2 “Expanding the possibilities of rental housing where you can live in your own way”

Real estate business management

Under management 11 cases (283 units)
Under building 1 cases

(As of March 2023)

4. Finance

million yen
Total assets 1,358,019
Own capital 53,089

(As of March 2023)

5. Organisation


Organization chart

Head office

  • Office: 14-1 Gobancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0076, Japan
  • E-mail:
  • Tel: +81-3-3237-7411